Spiritual Direction | Riverside CA
Spiritual Direction

A Journey of Intention

“The journey is taken in order to find out what sort of journey one has been taking.”
The Wounded Storyteller, Arthur W. Frank

Spiritual Direction, or Spiritual Friendship, has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries.

In Spiritual Direction, we look intentionally at our journey with God in order to uncover God’s presence in our life. The director and directee meet, acknowledging the presence of the Holy Spirit, to discern together how God is present and active in every-day events.

It is through the spiritual life that we feel connected to God, but our spiritual life can have ups and downs.  Sometimes we experience closeness to God. Sometimes times we feel cut off and find ourselves with no sense at all of God’s presence. It’s as if we’re in a drought or desert. One woman at a retreat said, “If I were to describe my relationship with God; I’d say it was like separate bedrooms.”* Everyone laughed, but if you’re there it can be devastating. Spiritual Direction can help us gain perspective and often leads to a deeper sense of the Holy in our lives.

*Little Pieces of Light, Joyce Rupp