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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

“The longest journey is the journey inward.”
Dag Hammerskjold


An underlining principal of spiritual direction is that God longs for us — longs for relationship. That God is active in our lives, that God created us and is calling us into communion.

Many of us want more meaning in our lives — we’d like a bigger picture than the snap shots we find in our daily schedules of work, school, commuting, and other things that fill up our time. We’d like to feel more complete, to find a purpose in what we’re doing.

Spiritual Direction is an intentional habit of examining what God is doing in us, evoking in us, and where God is taking us. Spiritual Direction asks the question “where in my world is God.”

Thomas Merton, the Catholic writer and monk, asked, “How do I unmask the false self that I’ve created?” Spiritual direction attempts to help us find our true self — in harmony with God.

Spiritual Direction is a commitment. It can be challenging but also very rewarding. It’s about listening, about attentiveness, about openness, about reaching out and becoming whole.